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Height : 171cm (5’6”) Hair : Brown Eyes : Hazel Age Range : 17 - 23

Love You Krishna Support Dir: Stanley Joesph, Prod: World Pictures Aust.
My Cornerstone Support Dir: Stanley Joesph, Prod: World Pictures Aust.
Newton’s 3rd Law Support Dir: Stanley Joesph, Prod: World Pictures Aust.
Misdirected (Season 2) Support Dir: Marion Kerr, Prod: Lauren Mora
Model Madness Support Dir: Charlie R Barnett, Prod: Cardia Films
Behind Mansion Walls Lead Dir: John Mavety, Prod: DISCOVERY
Deadly Women - Season 6 Support Dir: James Knox, Prod: DISCOVERY
Deadly Women - Season 5 Lead Dir: John Mavety, Prod: DISCOVERY
Deadly Women - Season 4 Lead Dir: John Mavety, Prod: DISCOVERY
Rescue Special Ops Support Dir: Garth Maxwell, Prod: Southern Star
CSU Hangover Lead Dir: Emma Ulm, Prod: CSU TV1
Stax On Support Dir: Emma Ulm, Prod: CSU TV1
Longing Lead Dir: Storry Walton, Prod: CSU TV1
Devi Lead Dir. Gil Ben-Moshe, Prod: Bones & Sugar Show Productions
What Goes Around Will Karma Round Lead Dir: Stanley Joseph, Prod: Action Twins & World Pictures Aust.
Credence Lead Dir: Bobby Russell, Prod: Kanga Mania & LM Productions
A Budding Business Lead Dir: Rachel Colsen, Prod: Rachel Colsen
Madeline’s Eye Test Support Dir: Erryn Arkin, Prod: Erryn Arkin
10 Days to Change Lead Dir: Alison Kohlhardt, Prod: Alison Kohlhardt
The ‘Z’ Word Support Dir: Michael West, Prod: Michael West
R.T.W - "Fake Tan" Featured Dir: Tommy Larkin, Prod: Ride The Wombat
R.T.W - "How Can I Love You" Featured Dir: Alex Serafini, Prod: Ride The Wombat
Ray Isaac – "Don’t Want" Featured Extra Prod: Iinvoke Entertainment
The 808’s – "Light’s Out" Featured Extra Dir: Gabor Kukucska, Prod: Aladdin Royaal
Alien Chooks in Lithgow Lead Dir: Gabrielle McIntosh (Seymour Centre)
The Salvo Experience Lead Dir: Graeme Press (Olympic Park)
Village Space Lead Dir: G. Jones/J. Gouldsmith, Prod: KETC (Touring)
The Real Suzie Support Dir: Kat Cooper, Prod: Red Room Productions (Hong Kong)
Love Song Dedications Lead Dir: Pete Butz, Prod: Bunker Productions
Stage Door Support Dir: Bagryana Popov, Prod: UTE
Funny Money Support Dir: Jim Nicholls, Prod: SOACT
5 o’clock Wave Lead Dir: David Wicks, Prod: UTE
Anthony Meindl - Masterclass
Howard Fine - Masterclass
Judy Kerr - Screentest & Cold Reads
TAFTA - Ultimate Screentest Course
MAA – Screentest Workshop
Acting Power – Voice Dialogue
Acting Power – Screen Intensive (Steve Matthews)
B.A Acting for the Screen and Stage (Honors)
N.I.D.A Open Program
USA – West Coast, East Coast and Southern – Professional  
UK – RP and Cockney – Professional  
EUROPE – Irish (Southern), French and Russian – Professional  
Fencing – Foil – Professional
Martial Arts – Hapkido (bo dan) – Professional
Swimming – All Strokes – Professional
Sport/Circus – Archery, Juggling, Gymnastics, Netball, Softball, Yoga – Intermediate